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I hope you are well. For those of us in the northern hemisphere the first chill nights of September are with us. The leaves are turning and the kids going back to school with the shops displaying the Halloween gear. Where has this year gone?

** CEMMethod v. 10 **
As with all these things Customer Experience Management continues to develop as organizations mature and understand better the need to align everything they do to the successful customer outcome. And in the spirit of new boots and pants we have updated the CEMMethod and associated glossary to version ten. Eleven years after its public launch now with 40+ individual techniques and approaches designed to hand hold you through the tricky territory of reframing process Outside-In.

** Updated Training program **
Naturally the training has evolved alongside the latest thinking and practice in the worlds leading organizations, so if you need a refresher talk to us about the very special pricing. If you have colleagues who should adopt the CEMMethod and become qualified business process professionals then join us for three or five day sessions at a venue near you soon.

So off we go with a bounce in our step to embrace the challenge of new ways ☺

** CPP Masters program **
Johannesburg, Sydney, Brisbane, Dubai, Denver, Orlando, London, Singapore http://bit.ly/BPGroupCPP

CEMMethod (v10) - download the guide – https://www.dropbox.com/s/txecjc1tv3ycq40/CEMMethodWalkthru_2014_10.pdf?dl=0

CEMMethod (v10) – download the glossary -

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Customer Experience is BMW

“The dealership experience is as old as the car industry, roughly one hundred years old. While cars have changed, the retail experience is much the same as it was one hundred years ago,” says Dr. Ian Robertson Member of the Board of Management of BMW AG, Sales and Marketing BMW.

BMW leaders asked themselves “what business are we really in?” and determined to move beyond “just automotive”. In fact automotive describes more of what is done, rather than the result and outcome that is achieved, and in this digital enabled market it is more important than ever to align the business to the desired successful customer outcomes.

According to Robertson it led to “a complete redevelopment of BMW’s digital world, the physical experience at the dealership, and how our people interact with customers in the sales process.” Looking at next practice in organizations such as Apple and Disney, BMW created a new role in its dealerships—the product genius. The BMW product genius is a non-commissioned expert who invests as long as it takes to help shoppers with their choices. “The product genius is not encumbered by the sale process and is not motivated to sell a car,” Robertson responded. “His motivation is customer satisfaction.”

According to BMW, product geniuses are appearing at dealerships in France, the United Kingdom, China and the Netherlands before finally arriving in the United States.
"The objective here is to better support customers with in-depth product knowledge as well as enabling the customer to better utilize and configure products in accordance with their particular needs," said BMW in a statement. "As the product genius needs to be mobile, he or she will be equipped with a state-of-the-art Information Management System on a tablet device, allowing, for example, product configuration and in-depth explanation of features supported by visuals and films."

Robertson made an observation that applies to most business ventures in today’s digital economy: “What we have done in the past is definitely, definitely, definitely, not good enough for the future.”

Certified Process Professionals at PEX in Sydney

IQPC* and PEX maintained their excellent record for hosting the Sydney event. The final day was the Master class hosted by Steve Towers. Here is the motley crew at the end of the session - Congratulations one and all!

The classes in a few weeks time include:
Sydney - https://sydneymasters2014.eventbrite.com
Brisbane - https://brisbanemasters2014.eventbrite.com

We hope to see you there.

* Hats-off to organisers Lisa Ao and Domenico Pinto.

The power of Thankyou - 8 million times over

Do you trust your bank or would rather use a mattress for your hard earned dosh? Here's one financial company going the extra mile to say thank you to some of their well deserved customers. How to turn a Moment of Truth into the Moment of Magic! #TDThanksYou

It looks like this is a trend in Canada - remember the Westjet Christmas giveaway? That is topping 36 million hits now. The TD Trust video has chalked up 8 million views in a little over a week.
Wow. Go enjoy people being thanked - it is a cutie.

Down-Under is tops at Outside-In

Sydney is a beautiful place slightly tempered this week by the near record breaking cold nights. Well it is winter after all and the days warmth more than compensated for the chill mornings. 

We also experienced another excellent  programme in North Ryde, qualifying another 15 Certified Process Professionals (CPP's). An intense three days embracing case studies, videos, toolkits and presentations culminated in the certificate presentation. 

Congratulations to one and all.

Welcome to the CPP fold (l to r): Jonathan Chan, Eddie Kivijian, Steve Connelly, Daniel Musumeci, Diane Ingold, Winnie Mujunen, Bernadette Abanador, Anne Gregory, Leonardo Caceres, Shannon Cunneen, Anne Phibbs, Deb Samuels, Mark Tyas, Kate Field,  Jim Tzikas (not in picture).

The next Australia Open sessions are in few weeks time in Sydney (the 13th Masters) and Brisbane (the 10th Masters) - see http://www.bpgroup.org/certification-by-city.html for more information.

Outside-In wins the Triple-Crown+

When the Upside is greater than the pain of adopting something new, a new approach can breakthrough. If however the upside is not sufficient, then the status quo will remain.

So if you don’t want change personally or in your organization keep doing what you have always done. That way you will get what you have always got.

On the other hand if change is necessary you need to demonstrate a significant upside, whether that is in terms of cost reduction, revenue improvement, service enhancement and better compliance – that is the triple crown plus.

Ideally the approach you adopt will give you the capability to deliver all triple crown benefits simultaneously and in a truly sustainable, repeatable pattern.

That is precisely what the Outside-In philosophy is all about.

*** Need to know more?

> Customer Experience Management Method http://www.cemmethod.com
> Articles and Case Studies http://www.successfulcustomeroutcomes.net
> Accreditation and Certification http://www.bpgroup.org/certification-by-city.html
> Get the book (that even CEO’s can understand) http://www.outsideinthesecret.com/
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Navy Seals, Stress and Success

We are all potential victims of stress. The big project, the presentation to senior management, the delivery of a plan. In many ways we become our own victims and arrive at the anointed moment in no fit state at all.  In my NLP* practice, and especially in the context of the wonderful guys at NLP Comprehensive in Colorado I am reposting this very apt piece which talks precisely to how the US Navy Seals cope with stress (and make it their friend) to achieve amazing things literally under fire.

If you would like to extend your skills into NLP and the latest brain sciences then I strongly recommend the guys in the Rockies at NLP Comprehensive -  http://www.nlpco.com

Navy Seal Toughness

Tom Hoobyar

This is about using NLP to control stress reactions, and I'm going to use new research from our toughest military training as an example of what's possible.

Our U.S. Navy SEALs have the reputation of being the best commandos ever created. A Navy SEAL is someone who has survived the most challenging military training in the world.

SEAL stands for Sea, Air, and Land fighting, and these guys do it all, from swimming underwater to jumping out of airplanes.

Those who pass the training demonstrate an almost superhuman ability to keep functioning in very stressful situations. In other words, they can keep functioning effectively when a normal person would be totally controlled by their primitive fight, flight or freeze reactions.

Like where things are blowing up and people are shooting at you.

What has this to do with NLP? Let me give you some background and then I'll tell you how NLP can be super-useful here.

But first I have to tell you about a problem the Navy had. You see, the selection process for SEAL candidates was tough. But even when they had a batch of super qualified prospects, they were losing over 75% of them during the first weeks of training.

This is a very expensive situation. Navy psychologists looked at the failures and found something interesting.

The prospects who failed didn't lack physical ability. Even though the training ordeals were extreme the candidates were able to do the job.

Nope, it wasn't muscles - it was mental. And that's interesting because the average SEAL I.Q. is way above the military norm and many of them have graduate degrees.

The ones who "washed out" didn't control their instinctive reactions to stress. They simply froze or folded when the challenges got too demanding.

Mental toughness. That's what the Navy decided to research, so they could keep more of these well-qualified candidates. Learning how to use their "software" to control their bodies' "hardware".

Clearly, intelligent people get scared too. Maybe it's even a mark of thoughtful people, but fortunately smart people can learn more self-management also.

The SEAL Command Psychologist, Commander Eric Potterat, listed four key mental techniques that are now being taught to SEAL candidates. He found that these mental techniques can be taught to any willing person and they would increase an individual's performance under stress levels where most of us would just shut down.

The "mental toughness" program was so effective that it increased the Navy SEAL pass rate by over one third.

These skills are now being taught to college students facing exams, fighter pilots, and key executives in some companies.

Here are the "Big Four" mental skills taught to Navy SEALs:

1) Goal-setting. I don't mean "what are you going to do with your life". I mean, "How are you going to get through the next half hour"? Turns out that this kind of close-focused goal-setting is a key to peak performance anywhere. It doesn't matter whether a person is on a stage, in an athletic competition, or in the middle of a fire-fight. It is simple, and proven. One major way to combat stress is to NARROW YOUR FOCUS to the immediate future.

NLP skills can really enrich this technique. Just focus on what the next phase of your work will need from you - maybe just the next few minutes - and zoom in on that.

2) Mental rehearsal, or Visualization. How often do you imagine success doing something you may be anxious about? Take a moment now, and give this a try. See what it will be like when you do that thing successfully and easily. Notice how your body feels and what you hear and smell. Do this over and over again and you are providing your brain with extra experience of success.

Does this sound like an elemental NLP process? You bet. Besides increasing the SEAL graduation rate, one report I read said this simple technique raised nervous college test-takers' GRE scores by over 150 points.

3) Take Charge of Your Self Talk. We are constantly talking to ourselves, at a rate that is many times the speed of normal speech. So when you notice something negative say "Stop!" or "Cancel!" and then create your own "cheering section" to be your encouraging chorus. Have them (or your own voice, whatever works) say "You can do it" - "This is easy!" "Forget that glitch - focus on the next one!"

Again, this is something we've done dozens of times in our NLP training. Now you get to use it in life.

4) Arousal Control. This skill is used to calm the physical symptoms of a panic response. You know, the sinking feeling in the pit of your stomach, sudden cold sweats or hot spells.

You control this response with deliberate breathing.

You know your primitive brain will trigger reactions that might be useful for escaping a hungry bear, but not so useful when you're trying to talk with your boss, negotiate through traffic, or working through a family debate.

So, INHALE DEEPLY (for a count of six), hold it for a count of two, then exhale for a count of six, emptying your lungs. Do this three times.

Practice this anytime during the day. It will become your instant stress control and will lower your blood pressure and flood your brain with oxygen, increasing your ability to think and react thoughtfully.

Give this "Big Four" skills a try - and you may find that you're becoming more resilient and a little bit more of a "fearless warrior" in your personal life.

Tom Hoobyar

Footnote: Tom passed to a higher life in September 2013 - read of his enormous contribution to the universe.

* What is NLP?
“Neuro-Linguistic Programming (NLP) is a powerful system of thinking that can accelerate the achievement of your personal and professional goals …Some of my favorite trainers are…Steve Andreas and the folks at NLP Comprehensive in Colorado.” — Jack Canfield, The Success Principles, p 448

The illusion of Process Modeling

The way we model process from the organizations perspective is a big part of the problem
If you think of the world as a production line you may be trapped by the conventions of industrial age thinking and practice. Most process and business models represent the flow of work and information NOT the actual customer experience. Worse than the model we then automate it. This Inside-out perspective explains the demise of so many previously successful 20th century organizations  - Kodak, Nokia, Blockbuster, Blackberry to name just four. What used to work failed them as the customer became promiscuous, choosey, rebellious and ultimately the decision maker as to whether a business succeeds or not by simply voting with their feet. 

Ultimately the way you do business is determined by business processes, the technology that supports the processes and the skills of your people in delivering successful customer outcomes (sco's).
If the pictures you create do not reflect the achievement and contribution towards the sco you wlll fail also.

So we need to better model reality. Warts and all. We should see the process for what is – a customer experience and understand it accordingly. That then reveals a treasure trove of possibilities for improvement, innovation and future success. Ironically the modeling purists observe this type of mapping looks very messy, and you know they are right. 
If it looks a mess it is because... it is a mess!

 So now we have a better fix on reality, both from the customers viewpoint and all the real stuff (not sunny day scenario) that is going on within on company. How do we move from this to a process that delivers the triple crown - lower costs, better service, growing revenues? That is our next piece...



Getting it together

Your car is German. Your vodka is Russian. Your pizza is Italian. Your kebab is Turkish and your democracy is Greek. Your coffee is Brazilian and your movies are American. Your tea is Tamil and your shirts are from India. Your oil is Saudi and your electronics are Chinese. Your news is British and your love is French. Your numbers are Arabic and your letters Latin. Your music is ethnic and your home is family. And yet you complain that your neighbor is an immigrant?

We are all in this together. So let’s smile, join hands and get on with it.

Process Excellence in Australia and New Zealand

With just a few days to go Australia is gearing up for the Annual Process Excellence conference in Sydney. Along side the unique and exclusive case studies there is networking and exchanging of stories covering process, performance, customer experience management and the digital customer. 

In addition to the networking and learning there is also the Annual Awards process. The categories are extensive including: 
·     Best Improvement Deployment Project - Large Organisation Award
·     Best Deployment Leader Of The Year Award
·     Best Customer-Experience Improvement Initiative Of The Year Award
·     Business Transformation CEO of the Year
·     Young Business Improvement Practitioner of the Year

In 2014  I had the pleasure of presenting Dr. Morgan Jones (Executive
Manager at Commonwealth Bank) with the Award for Biggest Contribution to Business Improvement Industry in Australasia, and Business Improvement Manager of the Year. Morgan has also been acknowledged in 2013 with fellowship in the Institute of Mechanical Engineers to reinforce his standing in both Australia and on the world stage.

Join Morgan and other leading process professionals at this years 10th Process Excellence event: http://bit.ly/PEX_Sydney

BPM helping in healthcare

BPM helping in healthcare: We continue our occasional series on how different industry sectors are supported through the deployment of BPM - both as a technology, way of working and sustainable means of delivering the Triple Crown (lower costs, higher revenues and enhanced service).


Ottawa hospital won best project category at the annual PEX event in Orlando earlier this year. It is an annual forum sharing and exchanging information in and around BPM, Process Excellence and Customer Experience Management.

The next USA PEX event can be reviewed at: http://bit.ly/PEX_USA

other recommended conferences on the theme include:
Australia (July) - http://bit.ly/PEX_Sydney
USA (September) - http://bit.ly/BPX_LasVegas